Changing Tunes Midlands

Changing Tunes uses music and mentoring to help people lead meaningful lives, free from crime. The common purpose of making music creates an environment where prisoners improve self-esteem, build healthy relationships, and engage in an activity where hard work and perseverance bring rewards. These factors are major steps towards rehabilitation.

For the past 30 years, Changing Tunes has been delivering this life-changing rehabilitation across the south of England in over 15 prisons and beyond the prison gate. In 2017, Changing Tunes Midlands was established. We currently work in several prisons across the region and are engaging with community organisations and youth offending teams to develop a holistic approach to prevention and rehabilitation.

Midlands Vision 2017-19

Alongside our Partners, Friends, Beneficiaries and Community Organisations, Changing Tunes Midlands has four clear priorities to achieve in our first 3 years of operation. Working with our colleagues nationally to build a sustainable and successful charity for the Midlands, we will:

  • Grow our work to at least 12 prisons in the region

  • Offer meaningful activity for 60 beneficiaries per person / per week

  • Deliver projects that work with those at risk of offending, prisoners & ex-offenders

  • Deliver a comprehensive event programme in and out of prison


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