New Instruments For HMP Stafford

Our recent work in HMP Stafford has seen a massive surge in interest with people applying to work with our Musician in Residence, Matt Newell. We’ve had to raise funds to accommodate this, and recent contributions have allowed us to purchase new equipment for people wanting to challenge themselves with developing musical skills and working with Matt.

Many people have never had to opportunity to develop musical skills and express themselves through music. We have found that people are unaware of their capacity for developing both their personal view of themselves and changing the way they think about the world and their situations.

Changing Tunes ethos is to offer opportunity to those who have never had it a chance to use music as a means to realise change in perspectives, change in attitudes and work out stress, frustration and to find a new way of being that may be completely alien to them and their present background.

Although music and mentoring does not solve everyone’s problems by any means, it does open up the possibility of changing how you express yourself, how you can read your personal feelings more clearly and how to find a way of expressing them.

We have the instruments for HMP Stafford being delivered this week, and hopefully empowering some new changes for people working to change their lives around.