CTM and Women’s Prison's, HMP Drake Hall and HMP Fosten Hall

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Women’s Prison Projects: HMP Drake Hall and HMP Fosten Hall

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CTM have recently been awarded funding to develop a NEW Musician-In-Residence Post for work in two women’s prisons in Staffordshire and Derbyshire. The new role will add to the existing roster of incredibly skilled musicians CTM has been working with and will provide a much-needed coverage of the female side of the justice system.

HMP Drake hall is a closed prison for resettlement work, working with women of all ages to get them into skilled work or adjusted back into a settled role in the community. CTM has been working with Lucy Williams and Jane Wright in the developing the new role in the Prison as this is to complement other aspects of education and skills focus on arts and education, including a writer and development around drama and song writing. The prospects are exciting and CTM are looking forward to getting a new musician in place.

Drake Hall’s regime Includes education, workshops, training courses, offender behaviour programme, farms and gardens, gym, a listener scheme, anti- bullying system and incentive and earned privilege scheme.

It has special features such as a facility for overnight children’s visits subject to prisoners meeting the required criteria, voluntary and paid outwork programmes, opportunity to work in a Call Centre, Halfords Academy and Greggs Academy with the possibility of employment on release, it also has its own branch of the Women’s Institute.

HMP Fosten Hall is another closed Women’s prison and youth offending unit, CTM are working to develop the services of our musician there as well, their regime includes provision for gaining qualifications in the gardens, the gym, the textile workshop and the kitchens.

Other areas of vocational learning are the NVQ in Cleaning Services, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy in addition to Functional Skills and courses to support employment on release, within the education department. Additionally the prison runs the following programmes/initiatives:

·         Thinking Skills Programme (TSP) – Accredited Offending Behaviour Programme

·         CARE (Choices, Actions, Relationships and Emotions) - Accredited Offending Behaviour Programme

·         Anger Management

·         IDTS –Integrated Drug Treatment Systems

·         Substance Misuse Service including Clinical and Psychosocial Interventions

·         Samaritans trained listeners scheme

CTM are looking to complement these services in both these prisons providing a music and mentoring approach to developing personal expression, self-awareness, team skills, personal skills, relationship building and artistic achievement all of which go toward the reduction of Stress and violence, re-offending and the development of healthier lifestyle choices.