New Instruments for Featherstone

CTM has recently acquired new instruments for working in HMP Featherstone, Wolverhampton. The instruments include Orange Crush 35Watt Amplifiers, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboard and Microphones along with a small PA System. Our Musician-In-Residence, David Cefai, has already started sessions, working out who wants to do what with the instruments.

“We like to encourage people to try things out and see what appeals to them especially if they are just beginning a musical journey”, he said.

It took at least two hours to get the instruments into the Prison, with the need for security clearance and screening and the difficulty of carrying them through to the location where they are being used. The process is a little bit new for HMP Featherstone, although they have been massively appreciative of the new service from CTM, they have already had a lot of musical input and activity from singers and writers doing workshops and song writing courses with people such as Deborah Rose and  a local choir.

Feel you could Donate something toward this   DONATE

Feel you could Donate something toward this DONATE

There is still a lot of work to do with the inmates in Featherstone and David has been looking to develop some work with drumming as well so we will be investing in Percussion and Drum equipment in the near future once things get underway.