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Through the work we do at Changing Tunes Midlands, in and out of prisons and in our local communities, we walk alongside our beneficiaries as they explore their musical and reformative journey. We are expanding this work to impact lives in our communities, offering hope, inspiration and a future to our beneficiaries.

We are unable to do this without friends to walk alongside us as an organisation. From as little as £10 per month, you could play a meaningful role in creating cultural and social change in the Midlands.

Thank you in advance for your friendship, and for helping to reduce re-offending in our community by 70%.


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Be The Difference

Changing Tunes has a proven track record of real impact on beneficiaries and their families.
You now have an amazing and privileged opportunity to help us at the beginning of our journey
to develop the project in the Midlands.

Partnering with us, you can be the flash of light that allows something brilliant to grow and flourish. You can help create lasting and sustainable change in our prisons and on our streets.

As businesses and citizens, we all want to create the best possible communities we can; to be
associated with the growth, development and re-structuring of some of the most disengaged,
rejected and de-humanised communities in our society would mark you out as powerful,
honest and responsible. We look forward to working with you.


Contact Dave to discuss sponsorship and opportunities to work with Changing Tunes Midlands: Tel: 07538237349

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